Belt Driers and Coolers

For drying and coolong, for hight continuous load.
Belt Driers and Coolers
Belt Driers and Coolers overview

AMANDUS KAHL has long-standing experience with regard to design, planning, projecting, and commissioning of belt driers and belt coolers. For tests for design and projecting, a belt drier and a belt drier simulator are available in our own pilot plant.

If KAHL belt units are used for cooling, cooling is obtained by two physical processes:

Convection cooling = heat exchange between product and air.

Evaporative cooling = removal of water from the product.

Cooling/drying is achieved according to the cross and counter-current principle, depending on the number of belts.

During the drying process, hot air flows through the product from the top or from the bottom transversely to the running direction of the conveyor belts. In the process, the air increasingly absorbs the moisture of the product. Thus gentle drying is achieve

Belt plastic unit dimensions

Belt unit dimensions