Annular Gap Expander

Pressure conditioning – the conditioning technique for improving the feed quality
Annular Gap Expander
Annular Gap Expander

The expander technology is one of the best and most comprehensive conditioning methods for compound feed and individual components.

The maximum pressure is about 40 bar, the operating temperatures at the expander outlet are between 90 and 140 °C. At the outlet the pressure drops spontaneously, the material expands, and part of the added water evaporates (flash evaporation). Subsequent drying is not required. The particle size of the expanded product can be determined by means of the downstream crushing device.

Advantages resulting from the use of the Annular Gap Expander:

■ Improvement of pellet quality
■ And increase of press capacity
■ Use of components difficult to pellet
■ Addition of large quantities of liquids
■ Inactivation of harmful substances
■ Elimination of salmonellae
■ Improvement of the feed value
■ Production of ExpandatExtruder
■ Reduction of the production costs